Friday, March 25, 2011


Oh man it has been so long since my last post. Not by my choice either! Mom got super busy and then I sort of snuck online when I wasn't supposed to so she decided the best punishment would be me using the computer when she is around to supervise. Of course she was so busy that she didn't have TIME to supervise. How is that fair?

Anyway, the weather was warm for a bit and then the temperatures dropped right back down. Lissa and I had some time to hang out. She has been dying to try on my new outfit I got while I was gone. Somehow I got roped into a deal. Although I don't see how I 'won' anything in it. If I let her try on my new outfit, she would help me pick out something to wear. I was absolutely terrified she'd put me in something frilly or pink. Luckily, she made a nice choice.

And here is the beautiful Lissa.

Did you know that Lissa is my favorite sister? Funnily enough, she's not even a 'sister' she and Rose live with us and have for about a year or so. She's so pretty. Lissa is a nurturer, she loves to comfort people. I swear she can bring plants back to life and can always make us feel better when we're sick. She is such fun to be around! :)

I don't know a whole lot about her background. Lissa gets a bit anxious whenever I ask about her past, Rose just looks annoyed. Mom and Samantha know, but they tell me I shouldn't pry.

Here's what I do know about my best 'sister'. She's around 18 years old and is thin. She doesn't eat a whole lot, she sleeps during the day. When Lissa and Rose first came, Mom took some pictures of them out in the sun. Lissa felt sick after awhile and came inside. I don't know that I've seen her outside in the daytime since. I wonder if she's allergic to sun? There is a condition for that right?


  1. This is Kaya from The Green Girls. Glad to see you blogging again! Sorry you got grounded from the computer, that's no fun. We've been gone too, but for a nicer reason - we went on a vacation!

    Your sister Lissa is really pretty. It's cool to get to see what she looks like. (And yeah, she's definitely your sister if you feel that way about her, even though you don't share the same genes.)

    OK, someone has to say it... maybe she's a vampire!

    Just kidding. ;-)

    Yeah, some people are allergic to the sun. Some people are also just really sensitive to it without having a specific allergy.

    For example, our guardian Blakeney is a very careful user of sunscreen. When we went to the Honeymoon Island beach, she applied SPF 50 twice within three hours. She still got so badly burned that her grandma was worried about her health.

    None of the rest of us got burned that badly, but Kirsten, Bree, Felicity, and Molly all got burns too even though we were careful with sunscreen and tried not to spend too much time in direct sun. They're just really pale and don't have the right genetics for lots of sun exposure.

    So yeah, rambling now. I think Lissa probably falls within the range of normal. If you find out she sleeps in a coffin, though, you may want to start eating lots of garlic just in case!


  2. Salut, Reagan! It's nice to see you posting again!
    You and Lissa are both very pretty. I would do anything to have thick curls like you girls.
    Some people are very sensitive to the sunlight. My human is...she doesn't tan until after she burns. I'm from Lille, so I'm not used to a lot of sunlight. Whenever I go to Nice for vacation, I turn as red as my hair!

  3. Kaya: Thanks it's great to be back! I really missed the computer. Lol! Luckily for us Lissa sleeps in a bed so no worries there. :)

    Sabine: Aw thank you so much. :)Personally there are many times I'd love your hair! Curly hair can be pretty, but a pain! I love your hair color.

  4. Hi Reagan!
    Harper is kind-of like Lissa. She's on a few medications that make her really sensitive to the sun so the combo can make her get heatsick or dehydrated pretty easily. I LOVE being outside so I am glad that I don't get sick from being out int he sun. But, I do have to use a lot of sunscreen. I'm Irish... it comes with the territory.
    Harper says another thing to look out for with vampires is glitter. Does Lissa's skin ever sparkle? ;)
    I like the sweater Lissa had you try on. I love sweaters in general. I really want to get more. We don't have a lot.
    Harper's friend Sierra has similar hair to yours and she says the same thing... her hair can be a pain. But I guess you always want what you don't have. I think her hair (and your hair) is really pretty.

  5. This is Molly from The Green Girls.

    *shifty eyes* All four of my older sisters split their allowance to buy body glitter and they wore it to school today! GET THE STAKES!


    I'm kinda jealous of your hair, Reagan. It's so pretty. Mine is stick straight and mousy brown. Yours is so much more interesting looking than mine. Consider this my official statement of envy!


  6. Molly, I'm so sorry I'm responding so late! Thanks for the compliments on my hair!

    Cate, Lissa's skin doesn't sparkle! She laughed when I asked her. :)