Friday, March 25, 2011


Oh man it has been so long since my last post. Not by my choice either! Mom got super busy and then I sort of snuck online when I wasn't supposed to so she decided the best punishment would be me using the computer when she is around to supervise. Of course she was so busy that she didn't have TIME to supervise. How is that fair?

Anyway, the weather was warm for a bit and then the temperatures dropped right back down. Lissa and I had some time to hang out. She has been dying to try on my new outfit I got while I was gone. Somehow I got roped into a deal. Although I don't see how I 'won' anything in it. If I let her try on my new outfit, she would help me pick out something to wear. I was absolutely terrified she'd put me in something frilly or pink. Luckily, she made a nice choice.

And here is the beautiful Lissa.

Did you know that Lissa is my favorite sister? Funnily enough, she's not even a 'sister' she and Rose live with us and have for about a year or so. She's so pretty. Lissa is a nurturer, she loves to comfort people. I swear she can bring plants back to life and can always make us feel better when we're sick. She is such fun to be around! :)

I don't know a whole lot about her background. Lissa gets a bit anxious whenever I ask about her past, Rose just looks annoyed. Mom and Samantha know, but they tell me I shouldn't pry.

Here's what I do know about my best 'sister'. She's around 18 years old and is thin. She doesn't eat a whole lot, she sleeps during the day. When Lissa and Rose first came, Mom took some pictures of them out in the sun. Lissa felt sick after awhile and came inside. I don't know that I've seen her outside in the daytime since. I wonder if she's allergic to sun? There is a condition for that right?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's In a Name?

People have always asked me about my name. Reagan. I never thought it was that strange of a name, but I do like the fact that it is somewhat unique. Not saying that it's the most unique name ever of course. The funny thing is most people have no idea why my mom chose the name Reagan.

Contrary to popular belief, she did not name me after this Reagan:

Would you like to hear about how I got my name? Well you're going to find out anyway! This is how my mom has always told it to me...

  I'm the youngest of the kids in this house. We're all adopted. Before adopting each of us my mom would decide a boy name and a girl name. It didn't matter to her which she got, or so she says, but she wanted to have names ready. Well after Samantha, Jenny, Josefina, and Lydia, she specifically requested a boy. In part she said it was because of how long she ended up having to wait between Josefina and Lydia. Sometimes it's not as simple as deciding to adopt and then BOOM next day you have a baby.
   For some reason none of the 'standby' boys names seemed fitting to mom. So she went to various websites and looked up meanings behind names. According to one website, she found 'REAGAN' which had it listed as an Irish name meaning, little king. "How fitting?" She thought, the first boy, he'd surely be the little king.
  Apparently I was quite a surprise to the doctors, my biological mom, and my mom. Everyone was under the assumption that I was going to be a boy. My mom had spent so long calling me Reagan in her head, she couldn't stand the thought of changing it. The irony being a historical book she was reading at the time had a girl named Reagan in it, who was also supposed to be a boy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Late Nights and Bad Weather

Well, don't I feel silly now? Here I was whining about the snow, rain, sleet, etc that kept me from getting home on time and now look at what is going on in Japan! I don't feel quite so bad about our weather. The videos are horrifying and yet hypnotizing. I'm praying and hoping that those who are impacts are doing better and that the loss of life and suffering was small. It's also a bit scary to hear about the Nuclear Plants. Gosh.

It's late and I really should be in bed... if mom caught me she wouldn't be happy. But I swear my sisters sneak on at night, so why can't I?

Tomorrow is Saturday, I'm not planning on doing much but reading and relaxing. I'd love to go shopping or something, but mom plans on writing all day. She's trying to write a book, well actually a couple of books. She hasn't actually finished one yet though and gets a bit uncomfortable when people ask, I think she's like me. She just doesn't like to be pressured!

Does anyone have any fun plans for this weekend?

Tay, I hope you're feeling better!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

It is so nice to be back! I got in around ten last night. All my sisters were sleeping. The only people up were Lissa, Rose, and my mom. I think Lissa was more excited to see my new outfit than she was to see me. Just kidding, Lissa!

Here's a picture of me in my new outfit...sans the bandanna. I liked the bandanna, but I do like seeing my curls. I look a bit tired in this picture though. Lissa liked it so much she even edited it with sepia tones. :) Here is another picture, my mom took this one:

I haven't even thought of unpacking yet, but mom is already telling me I should! There's always work to do I guess.

I'm looking forward to being able to talk to Tay more now that I'm home!

The worst part about going home? Having to go back to school! I wish I was as old as Lissa and Rose, they go to college. It seems as though they never have anything to do but Rose swears that college is rough.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Well there has been a snowstorm so I've been delayed getting home. Apparently our bus driver decided to take the scenic route home, which lengthened the trip, but then of course it had to snow! I ended up missing mom's birthday, but I was able to call her and wish her a good day.

I'm counting down the days until I go home. I wish it would snow when I was home...snow days rock!

Anyway, mom is looking at getting another outfit for me but isn't sure what to get. She's considering a few choices. I think she should just get all of them! ;)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Going Home!

I realized I titled the last post as me going home...but I didn't say from what! My class was lucky enough to get the chance to go to New York City! It's been so awesome. We got to go to the Natural History Museum, and see a Broadway show...

But I really miss my mom and big sister. I also miss having the time to talk to my friends. It'll be good to go home, I hope my trip goes well!

I don't have any pictures of my trip yet, but my teacher did get this picture of me:

She thinks I look nice in it.

I don't know... it looks a bit like a mugshot to me. What do you think??

I'm Going Home!

One thing I've always wanted to do is create a journal. But I'm not very good at keeping them up. A friend of mine, Taylor mentioned she was starting a blog. So I decided to follow suit! Let's see if I can keep this up.

Consider this a test post, to see if I can get the hang of this blogging thing. I'll post more later. :)