Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's In a Name?

People have always asked me about my name. Reagan. I never thought it was that strange of a name, but I do like the fact that it is somewhat unique. Not saying that it's the most unique name ever of course. The funny thing is most people have no idea why my mom chose the name Reagan.

Contrary to popular belief, she did not name me after this Reagan:

Would you like to hear about how I got my name? Well you're going to find out anyway! This is how my mom has always told it to me...

  I'm the youngest of the kids in this house. We're all adopted. Before adopting each of us my mom would decide a boy name and a girl name. It didn't matter to her which she got, or so she says, but she wanted to have names ready. Well after Samantha, Jenny, Josefina, and Lydia, she specifically requested a boy. In part she said it was because of how long she ended up having to wait between Josefina and Lydia. Sometimes it's not as simple as deciding to adopt and then BOOM next day you have a baby.
   For some reason none of the 'standby' boys names seemed fitting to mom. So she went to various websites and looked up meanings behind names. According to one website, she found 'REAGAN' which had it listed as an Irish name meaning, little king. "How fitting?" She thought, the first boy, he'd surely be the little king.
  Apparently I was quite a surprise to the doctors, my biological mom, and my mom. Everyone was under the assumption that I was going to be a boy. My mom had spent so long calling me Reagan in her head, she couldn't stand the thought of changing it. The irony being a historical book she was reading at the time had a girl named Reagan in it, who was also supposed to be a boy.


  1. Hehe that's a fun story!

    We thought maybe you were named for the kid in The Exorcist, but this is way better.

    None of the stories of our names are particularly exciting, except that Bree was moments away from being named Pippin when her parents decided a less obvious Tolkien-based name might be preferable. She's glad they did!

    The Green Girls

  2. By the way, Reagan, how many siblings DO you actually have?


    You mention four (plus Lissa and Rose,) but Samantha, Jenny, Josefina, Lydia, plus Reagan is five names.

    Is this one of those "Families are complicated" issues?

    The Greens

  3. LOL that is an excellent question. My family is rather large and complicated. There's technically four of us (in the house): Samantha, Jenny, Lydia, and I (in age order). Josefina is also an adopted sister, but she is a 'free spirit' according to my mom and lives in an apartment and comes by for visits. As I mentioned Lissa and Rose live in a basement apartment and aren't technically part of the family.

    And if you girls can understand that I give you credit because it is pretty darn confusing even to me. ;)

  4. That makes perfect sense, Reagan.

    It's no more complicated than our situation with all its biological sibling, half-sibling, adoptive, foster, and cousin ties.

    Families just are what they are sometimes.

    -The Greens

  5. I'm glad your mom picked the name Reagan. It's one of my mom's favorite names! I like it too!

  6. I'm glad I was able to convey it coherently enough, The Greens. :)

    Keesha: Thanks! I love your name too, it's super pretty. :)

  7. That is a funny story. I really do like your name- it's very pretty and unique.
    I'm not sure how my parents chose my name, but I do know that my chose Sandrine's for the sheer fact that it sounds good with mine.

  8. I love your name Reagan. Colleen says her parents also thought she was going to be a boy and were going to name her Collin so it's kind-of the same story! I have an old family name, Catherlane. People mess it up a lot though, and I prefer to go by my nickname. It's much more me... my full name sounds too old-fashioned and formal.