Friday, March 11, 2011

Late Nights and Bad Weather

Well, don't I feel silly now? Here I was whining about the snow, rain, sleet, etc that kept me from getting home on time and now look at what is going on in Japan! I don't feel quite so bad about our weather. The videos are horrifying and yet hypnotizing. I'm praying and hoping that those who are impacts are doing better and that the loss of life and suffering was small. It's also a bit scary to hear about the Nuclear Plants. Gosh.

It's late and I really should be in bed... if mom caught me she wouldn't be happy. But I swear my sisters sneak on at night, so why can't I?

Tomorrow is Saturday, I'm not planning on doing much but reading and relaxing. I'd love to go shopping or something, but mom plans on writing all day. She's trying to write a book, well actually a couple of books. She hasn't actually finished one yet though and gets a bit uncomfortable when people ask, I think she's like me. She just doesn't like to be pressured!

Does anyone have any fun plans for this weekend?

Tay, I hope you're feeling better!!


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a relaxing weekend! You don't need your mom to shop online. I love to shop online! ;) I'm going to be stuck in the hospital all weekend because I still don't feel well. I have to keep getting the IV antibiotics. :/ Maybe we can skype!

  2. We don't think you're silly, Reagan. A tragedy like what happened in Japan can put our personal stuff in perspective, it's true - but that doesn't mean the personal stuff doesn't matter or doesn't affect us. We're glad you made it home!

    No big plans for our weekend yet. We're going on a trip next week, so mainly getting ready for that.

    The Green Girls

  3. Salut, Reagan! Nothing much is going on with me execpt for a nasty cold. Bleh. :/
    The tragedy in Japan is horrifying! Although Jess and I do not get a long (but I get along with her twin Alexandria), I'm worried for their family. Her mother's siblings live in Japan, and I hope they are fine. I was worried for my family a few months ago when there were all those crazy terror threats in France.

  4. Tay, that's a great idea. I wonder if my mom would notice... I mean there is that one dress I want... hmmm... I hope you feel better soon. :( I hate that you're not feeling well!

    The Green Girls, isn't it funny how these things can make our own troubles seem so small? What an eye opening experience.

    Oh Sabine, that's too bad about Jess and Alexandra's family in Japan...and for your family in France. I'm lucky that my family is all here and very close. :( I hope you get over your cold soon!