Monday, April 18, 2011


Well I've been busy taking a ton of pictures lately, but naturally I've misplaced the camera cord. :( I asked mom and she told me that I'd have to find it myself since I was the one who lost it. Which is why I haven't posted. I had my heart set on posting some pictures! I hope I find it soon.

I guess this means I have to admit it. I am the exact opposite of organized! It drives my mom and some of my sisters nuts. Jenny and Samantha are super organized, they always know exactly where everything is! Even Lissa and Rose are organized.

My mom thinks it's laziness. :P I always argued that when things are messy I know where everything is! Of course the fact that I've lost the computer cord doesn't really support that idea. Ha!

Of course maybe Samantha decided to 'help' me by putting the cord where she feels it SHOULD be. Maybe I should look in the camera box?


  1. Hi Reagan! This is Felicity from The Green Girls. It's good to see you again. We've missed you in blogland. :-)

    We have a range of organization levels in our family. I am super organized. Like... too much so. I fret if things are out of order - and they are out of order a lot in a family as big as ours! My sisters think I need to loosen up. I think they're right.

    My other sisters are not as much so. Charissa is probably the most disorganized. Molly has some kind of highly organized system, but no one except her understands it, so to the rest of us it looks like chaos.

    The other girls are sort of in the middle. It doesn't help that Blakeney, our guardian, is not very organized either.

    Thanks for catching us up on your life. :-)


  2. Bonsoir, Reagan!
    I am fairly organized; otherwise, I wouldn't be able to find things. My friend Lilly's binder is a living disaster. I think she stuffs anything and everything in there. She also cannot find her cell phone. It has been missing for who-knows-how-long. :P
    It's not laziness; cleaning is just not fun.