Monday, August 22, 2011

Moving and the 'New Girl'

Well it's been a real pain around here lately. We've moved and I unfortunately discovered just how much we've accumulated over the years! It's been an adjustment period around here, or so mom calls it.

Lissa and Rose weren't overly pleased about the move. I'm not entirely sure why but I over heard Rose talking about safety. Why our new place wouldn't be as safe as our last one I don't know.

Anyway, onto more important news! My mom finally got me bunk beds! I've always wanted the because I've always wanted to sleep on the top bunk. The bottom bunk is where my stuffed animals can live. Hey maybe now that we live in a bigger place, I thought that maybe we can get a pet. I think the bottom bunk would have been the best place for it to sleep.

Of course there was a catch. I get bunk beds, but I also get a room mate, that new girl I was telling you about. My mom finally told me her name, still warning all of us not to tease her about it because apparently she's very sensitive about it.

Her name is Princess Elegance Vienna Hayden.

My first question was whether or not she's actually a princess. Turns out she's not. Princess is her first name. Her parents are apparently very wealthy, my mom thinks that they inherited the money. 'Cissy' as her parent call her was named that way because they wanted her name to stand out.

Mission accomplished, I think. Anyway Mom says that Cissy gets teased horribly for her name and prefers to be called Ellie ( a nickname she took from 'Elegance), her parents really hate it because it's a 'common' name.

Anyway Ellie (Cissy?) has begged her parents for years to let her attend a boarding school, a NORMAL school. She's coming to live with us for awhile. She's going to go to the high school here. Anyway I feel like I'm making a mess of explaining this, but all I know is what my mom has told me.

Essentially: A girl named Princess is coming to live with us, she's going to share my room. She likes to be called Ellie, but mom calls her Cissy since her parents call her that.

I hope she's not a brat.


  1. Congratulations on the bunk beds. I've always wanted bunk beds, but my mom always preferred that my sister and I have two separate beds.
    Princess is a very unique name- I like it. I'm sure you two will become good friends.
    Something I found weird was how uncommon my name is in America. In France, I know plenty of Sabines. Most are older than me...way, in their 30s-40s older...

  2. Hey, this is Kaya. :-)

    Princess Elegance? Wow, what a name! I can't blame her for wanting a nickname. Any idea what she looks like? I'm curious to see a 'princess' (even if she's not really royalty.)

    Hope you'll enjoy your new home!

    Alright, Reagan, I gotta say something. Don't laugh. When I first said I thought Lissa and Rose were vampires, I was joking. Then we met Clare. Now I think they seriously might be. Maybe that's why they need to be "safe" - from other vampires, or from vampire hunters!

    Be careful, alright? Not from Lissa and Rose, but from meanies who might be after them. You girls may have to protect each other.


    P.S. It's funny how different names are rare or common different places. People in the United States seem to find my sister Evelyn's name unusual or old-fashioned, but here it's very very common. There are two other Evelyns at Ev's school.

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